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  • Organ Donation Program

    Organ Donation Program

    Against the backdrop of Nepalese citizens going abroad for transplant operations for various ailments and the lack of public and political debate on addressing subject matters related to transplants. The Transplant committee at National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS), Bir Hospital and ‘Aarogya’ foundation group took the initiative to organize a workshop on “Organ Donation”.

    The transplant committee at NAMS and ‘Aarogya’ foundation group brought national debate around the issues related to organ donation with reference not only to medicine but also social, cultural, and religious connotations, all of which have political and policy implications in Nepal. In the age of advanced medical science, NAMS and ‘Aarogya’ foundation group’s vision is to bring the benefits of medical developments to every citizen; especially with regards to people in need of organ transplant.

    The workshop had the participation of representatives from patients, officials from the Ministry of Health and Population, political parties in the constituent assembly, planning commission, artists, and organ transplant experts from Nepal, India and the United Kingdom.

    The workshop received public and political attention on the policies and regulations needed on the issue of organ donation. It has drawn conclusions and recommendations which we believe will be beneficial for the future planning and policy formulation by the Nepal government in the field of organ donation and transplantation.






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