Bimala is originally from Pokhara, and now resides in Gongabu to get her necessary treatment. She has a 6 year old son and her husband works abroad as a salesperson. Being alone in the valley, she is assisted by a caretaker during hard times. She came to know about her high blood pressure couple of years ago, for which she started taking medicines. Despite medications, she came to know that her kidneys were failing. She took the warning lightly and continued the medication for about 2 years by which time her kidneys had stopped working altogether.BIMALASHRESTHA-1024x683

Since both her kidneys were non-functioning, the doctors recommended that she undergo surgery within the next few months. Instead, she chose to continue with the dialysis, because she did not want to put an economic burden on her family.

Bimala’s father, Mr. Mukti Timila, will do a checkup soon to find out if he could be a suitable donor for his daughter. If the results turn out to be incompatible, her husband is willing to go through a checkup as well. Both her mother and brother have high blood pressures, ruling them out as donors. Because non- relative organ donation is not yet legalized in Nepal, she cannot get a kidney from anyone else.
The major issue is that her family cannot afford the surgery. If they find a matching donor, they will probably end up taking a huge loan from the bank to perform the surgery.

Bimala has been coming to Aarogya Foundation since last few months for dialysis and is pleased with all the facilities provided here.

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