Dhan Bahadur KC has been a regular patient at Aarogya for almost 2 years now. He used to be a journalist for the Saptahik.
He had gone to Apollo Hospital in Delhi to get his diagnosis. The doctors said that if his kidneys were 15% functional, he could have been saved through simple medicine. But sadly, they had already dropped to 12% functionality, so he immediately needed a transplant, or dialysis.
They said that diabetes was the cause of the disease. Due to the disease, he faces fluctuating blood pressure problems.
The first year after he found out about his kidney problem, he went to KMC. In his case, Aarogya is nearer so it is convenient for him.
His wife is unhealthy so she cannot be a proper donor. On the other hand, his son’s blood group does not match. Then again, his daughter is just a teenager so he does not want to put her life at risk.

He admits that transplant is affordable but he does not have a donor match within the family so he is not being able to get a transplant.
The second free cycle of dialysis has not been effective so far in though the government has declared it.
His problem is worsening as his dialysis has increased to 3 times a week as compared to 2 times per week when he started out. His fistula has also been changed quite a number of times.

Seeing cases in countries like Japan that are handled so smoothly, he questions the Nepalese authorities who have not brought about any significant changes for treatment of patients like him. If the government allowed cadaveric transplants it would mean a lot for those who are suffering from kidney failure.

“Power is worshipped, not people” said Dhan Bahadur. Ministers and party members are given priority especially when it comes to health provisions. He acknowledges the fact that we are more or less helpless when it comes to higher authority.
He believes that transplant should be done at the earliest possible date to avoid economic turmoil.

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