Laxmi Pudasaini stays at Rabibhawan and migrated here from Nuwakot for treatment. She came to know about her failing kidneys from Bir Hospital and just started to receive her free dialysis service here at Aarogya Foundation.

She has 2 sons and a daughter. She used to run her own shop before. It is saddening to hear that she cannot work like her previous self. Her husband is a laborer and her eldest son is a chef. They both contribute as the earning members of the family yet money is scarce at times.
Her younger son is preparing to study BPH (Bachelor’s in Public Health) which is a financially demanding course. Her daughter used to study in a private boarding school but has now shifted to a government school because of the limited expenses. Laxmi is grateful that her daughter can still have an education.

The signs pointing to kidney failure were swollen feet (along with other body parts) and stomach pain. No other family member had the same case before.


She has stepped back from checking if there is a suitable donor in her family because it is very expensive to conduct the test. Then again, if it turns out that there is no compatible donor, it would be a total waste of money. Since she can’t even afford a simple checkup, surgery is not an option at this point.

She hopes that this disease does not fall upon others. She believes that cross-transplant or transplants from outside the family (husband’s family) should be made possible by the government.
She further suggests that cadaveric transplants can save many lives or make them better to an extent. She admires the new services available at Nidan Hospital (Aarogya Hospital).

However, she would like a duty doctor to be present at all times along with the nurses. Lastly, a matter of concern for her and many other patients is that the extra 104 times of free service that had been granted by the government has not been put into effect.

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