Naina Kumar Magar

It’s not just the story of one Nepali or two; many Nepalese seem to suffer from the disease, which is kidney failure. Knowing that most kidney patients come from financially- handicapped backgrounds, Aarogya has been providing as much help possible to them; either economically, or socially and in some cases both.

Naina Kumar Magar is a dialysis patient here at Aarogya Foundation. He is 36 years of age and lives in Kalopool; originally from Charambi-1,Bhojpur. Magar left for Saudi when he was 32. Though he had high blood pressure, he didn’t care much about it. His work in the foreign land consisted of much more strain and stress. He used to feel tired instantly after doing some work, which was followed by headaches and stomach pain.

From the consultation of a Pakistani doctor, he soon became aware that both of his kidneys were damaged and that he needed immediate treatment. He was sent back to his country Nepal since the work was really demanding. As soon as he landed, he was taken to KMC for further treatment, but dialysis was far too expensive for him.
Naina Kumar Magar is undergoing his dialysis in Aarogya Foundation, Pulchowk. He says that the service is good overall, but the problem he is burdened with is money.Magar has a family of 7 members who reside in Charambi-1 VDC of Bhojpur district. They are not economically sound. He cannot withdraw loans from the bank because his family does not possess enough land to put up for mortgage. The gruesome situation has led him and his family members to borrow money from any and all friends and relatives.

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