Raj Kali Devi Chaudhary

Raj Kali Devi Chaudhary, 32 is a housewife of from Sarlahi district of Nepal and currently resides in Kuleshwor, Kathmandu.

Due to lack of proper health service in her own district, she was forced to go to Sitamadi, India to treat her indigestion which was followed by swelling of her body parts and an abnormal rise in blood pressure. Ultimately, she came to Aarogya foundation when they didn’t provide her good treatment there in India, even after staying for 4-5 months. At present she is undergoing hemo-dialysis treatment at Aarogya foundation under the supervision of Dr. Anil Baral.

She is a mother of five children, and her husband is unemployed due to the collapse of his business. So, as a whole, they have no source of income whatsoever. They are heavily burdened with loans from the bank and have even put their house on mortgage. Without any money flowing in, they are expected to return back a huge sum to the bank. In the beginning, when they lacked even the basic money to get her admitted, she was provided with free bed service for a long time by the foundation itself. She has recently started using the 104 times of free hemo-dialysis facility provided by the Government of Nepal.

The Chaudhary family is hoping for affordable transplant service so that they can save the life of their family member. Dinesh Chaudary, husband to Raj Kali Chaudhary, is prepared to donate his kidney to his wife but the problem for transplant is money. Although they desperately want the transplant to be done, they are definitely not ready with the sum to be submitted for the transplant.
Dinesh Chaudhari opines that kidney failure is a serious disease that further ruins the unstable economy of many poor families.

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