Sarjan Pun, 33

Sarjan Pun, 33 is from Rolpa, Nepalgunj and is temporarily residing in Balaju. Sarjan Pun, by profession, is a mason but sadly, he has been compelled to stay away from construction works due to his delicate situation.

Excessive alcohol intake and drug abuse could have been/ were the major causes of his kidney failure. He started coming to Aarogya foundation just recently for hemodialysis treatment; twice a week. The doctors had already warned him that transplant surgery was essential in the very beginning itself. Pun’s father, 58 has been confirmed as a suitable donor for the transplant, but they are withholding the surgery due to financial problems. It would have been of great help if this sort of health service was available in their village as well. People should seriously consider this fact and try to decentralize the availability of such services.

The harsh reality is that Pun had to leave his home and make a 2 day journey to Kathmandu in the desperate search of proper treatment. Ever since he arrived, he and his loyal friend { Jagat Budha} have been staying in Balaju on rent. They have been collecting and saving for the surgery but most of their savings have already been consumed by hemodialysis treatments, rent and other basic necessities. This is quite a dominating problem for people living outside the valley. It is one thing that they have to enter the valley due to lack of suitable facilities in their hometowns or villages, but it is another thing when it comes to the fact that they have to spend as much on so many daily requirements as on the actual surgery and treatments. Budha, Pun’s childhood friend says that there is always an underlying fear for them that there is just a 2 out of a 100 chances that a new kidney will actually be able to handle the work of 2 kidneys. Not only that, but they are scared that Pun’s father will become handicapped from the surgery due to his old age as well. He and his friend were more than willing to share this story in the hope of finding help to conduct the surgery as soon as possible.

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