Basanti Lama on her father’s unrelenting fight for her life

Name: Basanti Lama, 24

Date of Transplantation:

Donor: Father

Place of Transplantation: Teaching Hospital

Basanti was diagnosed with her disease while she was in 12th grade in 2064 B.S.  Following her diagnosis, she dicontinued her education. Her entire family, which consists of Basanti, her mother, father and 4 younger siblings, had to move to Kathmandu from Sarlahi for her treatment.  The Lama family spent a lot of money for Basanti’s haemodialysis treatment for 7 months after which transplant finally started in Nepal.  The treatment was very expensive so her mother, who was previously unemployed started working to help pay for her treatment.  Her father, who was also the organ donor has gone to Malaysia in order to support her financially even after transplantation because the cost of medicine is still high for a family with 5 children. She realizes that a lot of money goes toward her treatment bur feels guilty that she may be taking away opportunities from her younger siblings by using a substantial chunk of her family’s money for her medicine and regular health check ups. Basanti hopes to see the development of employment generation and training for transplant patients like her who have not been able to complete their education because of their illness. Her main goal right now is to find a job that can supports her financial needs so that her father can return home from Malaysia and her family invest more towards her younger siblings.

One of the main reasons Basanti did not resume her studies after transplantation was because her parents thought that going to school may worsen her health. It is natural for her parents to feel protective towards Basanti and natural for Basanti to want to obey her parents after they invested so much time and money to ensure her well-being. However, this societal belief that transplant patients cannot work or become successful in life had hindered Basanti from moving ahead. That mindset slowly changed as she learned about Aarogya Foundation. When she was told about the Nepal Transplant Games she didn’t think she could do it and her parents thought that it might harm her health.  She became more hopeful after talking to another transplant patient, Gita Shrestha, who went on to participate in the World Transplant Games 2013. Basanti finally plucked up courage to participate in the 4thtransplant games and won 2nd place in one of the events.  After she won her medal her parents became exceedingly happy and proud. Basanti and her parents realize that she still had the ability to achieve so much more in life. We hope that her parents continued support and encouragement will help her find her niche in life. 

After her experience, Basanti wants more programs to help encourage transplant patients to live their lives fully. She hopes that Aarogya organizes more awareness campaigns and regular meet-and-greet for patients so everyone can find inspiration to contribute to society, just like she was inspired by participating in the transplant games. She also wants to encourage other kidney patients to have a transplant instead of dialysis because those patients can lead independent lives thereafter

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