Gita Shrestha goes to the World Transplant Games

Name: Gita Shrestha, 27

Date of Transplantation:

Donor: Father

Place of Transplantation: India

Gita, a former Karate player, was in good shape going into the World Transplant games in Durban, South Africa after winning first place in the Nepal Transplant Games. Gita had her transplant done 7 years ago in India, before which she underwent dialysis for 9 months. Gita got married before the diagnosis of her kidney disease and when her treatment began she experienced the utter lack of support from her in laws- financially, and otherwise. Transplantation was a difficult experience for Gita as she had to go to India, rely on the sole support of her husband and maternal family, and deal with the added stress about her in law’s disapproval. The financial burden fell completely on her electrician husband and her maternal family. Even after transplantation, the financial constraint Gita and her husband experienced due to expenditure on medicine for her, compelled her husband to move to Dubai for a few years where he found a better paying job but one that required more hours, more physical labor and the added discomfort of being alone and away from home.

It is encouraging to hear that Gita’s husband didn’t abandon her during her time of need. Gita explains that her husband was ready to donate his kidney but she was scared that her husband may not be able to work and support themselves financially as she does not work herself. After transplantation, Gita says that her life became a lot easier than when she was doing dialysis. It has given her the freedom to hope for the things that she thought she’d lost: a healthy life and a chance to start a family. She got pregnant in 2011 but sadly lost her baby due to uncontrollable circumstances. Although her hopes and dreams haven’t all come true yet, she shows signs of resilience and takes great pride in her achievements as an athlete.

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